Nothing like sharing our passion for real foods like traveling together.  Small intimate groups (never more than 11) feast upon the glories of amazing food and scenery.

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Saturday June 3

Transfer to Cutigliano and get settled at the Agriturismo

Dinner at the Agriturismo with Barbara and Nicola

 All dishes here are home-made! Every meal will introduce us to the most original traditions of Tuscan real food. Barbara, Nicola, Agostino, Lucia and many others will share their passion for quality and home made food throughout your stay in Cutigliano.


Sunday June 4

 Home made breakfast at the Agriturismo

 Fresh eggs, cow milk cheese, home made breads using natural leavening, home made preserves, natural honey, yogurt, milk freshly milked, home made tarts, coffee, tea and beyond!

 Visit the Hamlet of Cutigliano

 Medieval and renaissance garments will capture our attention. Elvia, the stylist of this unique collection will lead us and guide us through this ancient world, when garments and their beauty where symbol of reaches and status like in no other time.


The cable-way ride takes us to the crest of the Apennine. The views of the Tuscan chain is breathtaking. For those who wish to walk reaching Lago Scaffaiolo will extend the beauty of this day to pristine and soothing surroundings.

 Dinner with Chef Andrea and his wife, Tatiana.

Andrea will be the first Slow Food Movement Chef of our tour. He will introduce us to beliefs and ideals of this movement, that strongly respects nature and suggests the values of culinary traditions anywhere and throughout the world.

 Visit the Astronomic Observatory of Gavinana, which location stands out for its distance from cities lights allowing for a unique view of the night sky.

Monday June 5


Visit of S.M.I. a dismissed weapon factory; this experience will touch us all in so many different ways.

Barbara and bio-gymnastics will reserve to all a relaxing afternoon.

At the Molino di Vasco a light Tuscan snack and beverages will be served before we plunge into the fun discoveries of:

 The importance of using ancient grains in our diet

Ancient grains vs. modern ones

How does stone milling works

Bread demonstration using a natural starter

Fresh pasta making

Introduction to polenta

A famed meat sauce commonly known as: Ragu’, revealed in all its tricks and nuances!

 In our cooking classes you will learn how to cook simple and healthy dishes!


Dinner at “Il Molino di Vasco”.  Agostino and his wife Lucia will share their mountaineer hospitality and culinary traditions while we will all be delighted by live folkloric music.


Tuesday June 6


Breakfast and departure to our next destination: Florence

We will be welcomed at the Florentine hotel by a nice aperitif.

Rest and a free afternoon, in short a perfect opportunity to acquaint yourself with this magnificent city and its unbelievable shopping opportunities!

Dinner with Michelin Star Chef Matteo and some of the most mesmerizing views of the Renaissance city.

Tonight your expectations will only be the objective to be surpassed!


Wednesday June 7

Breakfast at the hotel

Private visit to historical Florentine Residences


Florentine families and their houses changed throughout thecenturies. The following are perfect examples of this trend and transformation:

Palazzo Davanzati (1300)

Palazzo Strozzi (1500)

Casa Martelli (1700)


Lunch at La Cantinetta da Verrazzano

 Free afternoon

 Dinner with Chef Filippo amidst a fascinating collection of modern and stylish fashion. This evening will not cease to amaze, fascinate, and touch us.

Anticipate a night that will last in your memories forever!


Thursday June 8


A day with an unbelievable Architect: Filippo Brunelleschi

 Today’s tours, all private will take us to:

O.P.A. Museum

The Duomo and its cupola.

The Basilica

The Baptistery and Matroneo

 Dinner with Michelin Star Chef Antonello, will crown this beautiful day with a farm to table unforgettable experience.


Friday June 9


Visit Palazzo Corsini and meet a true Contessa, who will guide us through her palace and share the amazing history of her ancient family.

Lunch “diladdarno” local jargon that refers to the other side of the Arno River.

Let’s enjoy a restful afternoon or catch up in a little more shopping if you wish, before our incredible dinner experience.

Tonight the artistry of Chef Daniele will be paired to the talent of Maestro Gregorio in a magical union of Music and cuisine. Our private piano concerto will conclude this splendid day.

Saturday June 10


Visit Contessa Pandolfini, her private gardens and her Atelier.

 At the Torrigiani’s, other Florentine noble family we will enjoy a light lunch and meander through more unique gardens.

 Tonight’s dinner in Florence will be our last and Michelin Star Peter will have the honor of showcasing his talents and creativity.


Our farewell is only an arrivederci!


Sunday June 11



From the City to the Countryside


On our way to the Chianti Region we will make two interesting and very different stops.


With the first we will experience the intriguing combination of contemporary art in nature in the gardens of Villa La Loggia.

Light lunch.

With the second stop, we will come closer to the world of wine and some of its producers.

 Tuscany is a region reach in culture, art, and beauty. Food is part of the history of this wonderful Land.  The passion that people cultivated through the centuries is now daily reflected into every one of its products. Tuscany is the land of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, red Wines, Ancient Grains, and artisanal Pasta makers.

 Agriculture has significant relevance in this Land.

 Visit Cantina Antinori, an architectural masterpiece created in a unique bond of technology and nature. Wine tasting is included.


Reaching Montefiridolfi, we will settle in.   Our hotel is on top of a beautiful hill and some of the most exclusive vineyards will delight our views from now on.

Dinner at the hotel restaurant will be part of a Tuscan culinary experience.

Monday June 12


Hands on experiences on Pasta and Olive Oil productions

 Visit Artisanal Pastificio Fabbri


Oil pressing, and tasting with a light lunch at Pruneti’s brothers.


Visit Renzo Marinai, more than just an organic wine producer.

 On our way to dinner in Greve in Chianti we will stop at Montefioralle, a picturesque hamlet birthplace of Amerigo Vespucci!


Dinner with Chef Salvatore (Main responsible of the Tuscan Slow Food Movement Division) Salvatore is constantly in touch with Carlo Petrini, S.M.F. founder.


Tuesday June 13


 The beauty of the Tuscan Hills


Visit of “Parco Sculture del Chianti” a fun experience, which will connect us to nature through an intriguing art passage.

 Picnic in the park.

 Visit Castello di Brolio Ricasoli, and wine tasting.

 Dinner at “Le Panzanelle”. Two sisters, a few years ago decided to open this place and offer in their suggestions some of the most typical dishes of this Region. It goes without saying that it became and instant success!


Wednesday June 14



Visit a Prince Residence

 The visit includes:

The ancient Cellar

Parts of the private Villa (the Prince and his family still reside here)

Private Family Chapel

The Archives (among the largest in Europe)

The Old kitchen that for those who have followed Downton Abbey its close connection will be heartwarming.

 Lunch will be in the Ancient Cellar, wine tasting is included, and this might be truly the best spot to eye the Prince.


After the beauty of this wonderful corner let’s head back to our hotel and enjoy the pool, the gym, or simply its stunning views!

Cypresses and vineyards are the backgrounds to our final dinner, this enchanted location is

Badia a Passignano.

Many beautiful memories begin now!


Thursday June 15


Departure to Leonardo da Vinci, our Florence Airport.

3 nights in Agriturismo,

5 nights in Florence,

4 nights in Chianti.


Tour includes:

 All meals, museum entries, private tours, events, private transpositions.

 All lunch and dinners include: mineral water, wines, and coffee.

 Our tours are limited to 11 guests, for bigger groups contact us directly.

 Tour departures:

Starts June 3, ends June 15

Starts September 2, ends September 14


Tour sold directly by: Cristina Fabbri

La felicita’ non e’ una stazione di arrivo ma un modo di viaggiare!



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